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Boost your online sales, whether you're a newbie or a pro. Our top-quality planners templates are your key to
success on Etsy and more. Gain a market edge, enhance your lineup, and increase revenue.
Elevate profits efficiently—sell smarter with our exceptional planners.

This Is How Profitable My Clients Are:

April made 2,000 sales on her Etsy shop within a couple of months after creating and adding thirty planners quickly, using these templates to explode her sales!

April's Testimonial...⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sounds Unbelievable, right? Now let’s do the math 

She sells each planner for around $10. It means she added $300 worth of products to her shop. She sold 2,000 of these planners! Now you can do the math by yourself! It’s $20,000 back!
You see, these planner template bundles are worth every penny!

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Rebrand your planner, launch it in your store, and begin your journey to success. Watch your business thrive!

Our digital sales experience shows: speed in creation is vital. Our platform helps you quickly produce and sell, boosting your market success.

Instantly Access 1200+ Resalable Planner Page Templates

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Why Planners are an Exceptional Product Choice!

Rising Demand

In a market worth USD 1020 million in 2022, planners are perennial bestsellers across various niches.

Higher Profit Margins

Planners allow for higher pricing than many digital products, boosting profit margins.

Ideal for Professionals

Perfect for coaches, digital sellers, and educators, they enhance service offerings and value.

Market Growth

Set to grow to USD 1472.98 million by 2031 with a 4.1% CAGR, the planner market is rapidly expanding.

Limited Competition

The complexity of creating planners reduces competition, giving you a market edge.

Versatile Use

Planners cater to diverse needs, making them appealing to a broad customer base.


PLR Planner Hub: Your Express Lane to Planner Mastery

Welcome to an Exclusive Collection of Dynamic Templates to Craft Your Planners with Unmatched Speed and Efficiency.

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Effortlessly craft your templates and printables with our streamlined, no-fluff approach.
Build a lucrative income stream that liberates you from the grind and restores your freedom.

Introductory price | 7-Day Money-Back Guaranty

The Ultimate Resell PLR Planner Hub: A Game-Changer for Your Business

Insight-Rich Content

Every template is infused with valuable, actionable insights to engage and inform your audience

Ahead of Market Trends

Stay at the forefront with designs that capture the latest in market trends, keeping you ahead.

Fully Editable in Canva / Google Doc

Easily customize templates to mirror your brand's uniqueness, with no advanced skills

Expert Craftsmanship

Each template combines aesthetics with functionality, designed by our professional creative team.

Beginner-Friendly Interface

Jump right in without hassle. Our templates are built for ease of use, regardless of your experience level.

Inclusive Resale Rights

Expand your business reach – use these templates for your clients or resell as your own to end users.

Get Instant Access to What's Included to Unlock Your Path to Financial and Time Freedom

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Introductory price | 7-Day Money-Back Guaranty

Discover Monthly Planner Treasures

Elevate Your Collection: Receive an Exclusive New Planner Template Every Month to Keep
Your Offerings Vibrant and Current

The PLR Planner Hub Is Perfect For

Revolutionize Printable Planners:

🚀 Instant Masterpieces: Jumpstart your design process with our pre-crafted printable planners.!
📈 Maximize Your Time: Redirect your energy from design to driving sales and engaging your audience, boosting business growth.

Innovate with POD Planners:

🔄 Inventory Freedom: Embrace the ease of Print-On-Demand and say goodbye to inventory management hassles.
🔧💡 POD Precision & Streamlined Scaling:
Our templates sync with top POD platforms for easy product expansion and minimal overhead, enhancing profitability.

Digital Planners: Redefined:

🌍 Future-Proof Your Brand: Stay a step ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
📲✨ Flawless & Elevated:
Our digital planners offer eye-catching designs and optimal performance across devices, ensuring fewer glitches and more rave reviews for superior user satisfaction

You Have Two Options To Choose From!

You are all set for life to run your planner business on autopilot!

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Join over 400 students!👇
Discover how effortlessly our membership pays for itself! Imagine creating and selling just one $9 digital product daily using our easy-to-use templates. Here's the simple math:

1 Sale Per Day: You make $270 per month.
Subtract Your Membership Cost: $270 - $9 = $261
Your Net Profit: $261 Monthly!

This means with just a minimal investment and one sale a day, you can significantly boost your income. Our templates aren’t just tools; they're stepping stones to your financial success.

These templates are already validated & proven by the customers.
They sell like crazy. You are getting the exact templates
I sell to skyrocket my planner business!

What Our Founding Members Say!



Here is What Caroline Says! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I am a stay-at-home mom and looked into different options to make extra money while staying home. A friend of mine sent me the link for these templates. While I knew nothing about Canva, I gave it a go as my friend mentioned, it comes with video tutorials. I am so glad I purchased the templates! I have started selling the single trackers out of the templates on Etsy and have already sold 10 of them!! The templates paid for themselves. I am very thankful for you and your products. You made the process super easy! I would have been lost without your video tutorials.”

Caroline A – Etsy Seller


“I joined the PLR Planner Hub to create a customized financial planner for my brand. The experience exceeded all my expectations. There were a lot of unique and trendy planners to choose from, each comprehensive and packed with the right features and information. What really set this apart were the detailed walkthrough videos showing how to infuse my brand into the planner seamlessly. The membership also provided an array of resources to simplify the process, along with numerous bonuses. It’s more than just a membership—it’s a valuable investment in my business!”

Stephanie - Business Owner


“I am an Etsy seller and was looking to add more inventory to my shop without losing my time. When I came across these templates, my first thought was they are just standard templates. But honestly, when I saw the product, I was surprised to see the quality. Creating a planner cover is the most time-consuming thing, and she has included beautiful covers. I am also thankful for the bonuses as I plan to start selling on Amazon, and the resources are fantastic. All in all, I am thrilled to be a member! I will definitely buy more from this seller. Thank you once again.”

Kirsten - Etsy Seller


“Absolutely, worth the investment. The designer made it easy for people like me who know nothing about designing. I have also purchased her bio link websites for my Instagram, and the quality of her work is fantastic! I love that you can create multiple planners with these templates, and she shows you how to do it in her videos.” Thank you so much.

Paris Hall - Business Owner


“I would love to start with a huge “Thank You.” I wanted to purchase something to create a meal planner and home management bundle. I have to say, these templates helped me put together the meal planner and was also able to create my home management binder, and since I am homeschooling my children, I was surprised to see a lot of homeschool trackers. The designer not only shows you how to rebrand these to your brand. She has also included quite a few videos showing you how you can create multiple planners. I wish I could upload all my planners to show in the reviews, but only one image is allowed. It’s well worth the investment.”

Miss Ara - Teacher

You Have Two Options To Choose From!

Introductory price | 7-Day Money-Back Guaranty

Hey There, Friend!

Greetings! I’m Bushra, your ally in the dynamic world of digital creation. For years, I’ve been the secret behind the scenes, aiding Etsy sellers, KDP authors, and various online entrepreneurs in elevating their brands. My canvas? Digital templates. My art? Everything from elegant websites to practical planners and beyond. I’ve seen firsthand how the right tools can transform a business and save fortunes on design costs.

But there’s more to my story than just design. It’s about empowerment and partnership. My own venture into selling planners was a transformative experience – it wasn’t just profitable, it was a revelation. it was a game-changer, revealing the power of digital assets to unlock financial and creative freedom. 

Now, I’m inviting you to be part of this exciting journey through the PLR Planner Hub membership. We’re not just building businesses here; we’re crafting success stories. Our goal? To make your path to success as smooth and profitable as possible

Join the PLR Planner Hub, and let's turn your entrepreneurial
aspirations into tangible triumphs, together!

You Have Two Options To Choose From!

You are all set for life to run your planner business on autopilot!

Option #1

Monthly Membership

$ 9
Monthly Payment

Option #2

Yearly Membership

$ 97
Yearly Payment
Best Value

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I edit the templates

A: Absolutely! They come with video tutorials where I show you how to change fonts, colors, sizes, and graphics to suit your style and brand! 

Q: Can I Sell the Templates As They Are?

 A: Yes, you are allowed to sell the templates as is, though we recommend customizing them to reflect your brand’s persona. It’s important to note that while customization is encouraged, it does not transfer copyright ownership to you.

Q: Can beginners with no tech skills use these planner? 

A: Absolutely! we made these product in a way that anyone can recreate it according to your brand, regardless of your skills. I have included videos to show you how to transform it seamlessly. 

Q: Is it Possible to Cancel My Subscription Whenever I Choose?

A:  Absolutely, you have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any point, with no extra charges. However, upon cancellation, access to all digital products in the PLR Planner Hub will be revoked. Additionally, your rights to resell our digital products will expire immediately, and you will need to promptly remove any listings of these products from sale. We value your cooperation in this matter to avoid further steps.

Q: I am not tech-savvy. Do I need a bunch of tools to make this work? 

A: No, this is very beginner and budget-friendly, and you don’t need to be good with tech or buy any software. All you need is a Free or Paid Canva account.

Q: Can I Use Your Products to Start or Supplement My Own PLR Membership?

 A: No, using our products to start or supplement your own PLR membership is not permitted under our terms. Our products are for individual use and resale, but not for inclusion in other PLR memberships.

Q: Is It Possible to Transfer or Sell My Resell Rights to Someone Else? 

A: Transferring or selling your resell rights to a third party is against our policy. The rights granted to you are for your use only and cannot be passed on to others.

Q: Can I Claim Copyright on Products I Customize?

A: While customization is allowed, it does not transfer copyright to you. You can edit and resell the products, but you cannot claim them as entirely your own creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What Does PLR Mean?

A: PLR is short for Private Label Rights. It grants you the flexibility to market these digital products under your own brand or utilize them in personal endeavors. However, the right to transfer these privileges to others is not permitted.

Q: Who Benefits from the PLR Planner Hub, and Why is It a Preferred Choice?

A: The PLR Planner Hub is tailored for entrepreneurs, content creators, freelancers, and small business owners looking to expand their digital product offerings without the extensive effort of starting from scratch. What sets our library apart is its remarkable quality and diversity. We are constantly updating and expanding our collection, introducing new, in-demand planner designs each month. This ensures you have continual access to the latest and most sought-after products in the market. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to efficiently and effectively enhance their digital product lineup with top-notch, fresh, and relevant content.

Q: Why is the $9/month PLR Planner Hub Subscription an Outstanding Deal?

A: At just $9 per month, the PLR Planner Hub subscription offers unparalleled value for digital resellers. With this modest investment, you get unlimited access to an extensive, constantly evolving library of high-quality digital planners. Each month, we add fresh, trending items to our collection, ensuring you have the latest and most desirable products at your fingertips. If purchased individually, these planners would cost significantly more, making our monthly subscription a cost-effective solution to stay ahead in the competitive digital marketplace.

Q: What Are My Options if I Cancel but Wish to Keep Some Products?

A: If you cancel, you can keep any unique content you’ve added to a product for personal use. For those wishing to continue reselling a product, a buyout option is available at $27 per item. This allows you to acquire full resell rights for each chosen product. Please note, our yearly plan does not include a lifetime license for these products. All necessary buyout options are accessible through the store link in the membership portal.

If you encounter any confusion or have questions regarding the correct usage of your license, please feel free to reach out to us at support@zippydigitalmarketing.com We are here to assist and ensure you fully benefit from our digital product library.

Is There A Guarantee?

Absolutely! We’re confident you’ll find immense value in our membership, but your peace of mind is paramount to us. That’s why we offer a

7-Day No Questions asked Money-Back Guarantee.

Investing in the PLR Planner Hub costs less than enjoying breakfast at a nice restaurant, yet the potential return is immeasurably greater—it could revolutionize your business model and reclaim your freedom!

Experience the difference with our membership. It’s unlike anything you’ve tried before, designed to transform not just your business, but your life.

Introductory price | 7-Day Money-Back Guaranty




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